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Kingswood Secondary Academy

Ofsted Good

Ofsted Monitoring Inspection 20 November 2018

On the 20th November 2018 Kingswood Secondary Academy had a Section 8 Monitoring Inspection.

The Academy was subject to a Section 8 monitoring inspection recently and I am pleased with the report that we have received back.  The inspection was conducted by Deborah Mosley HMI (Her Majesty’s Inspector).  The report clearly shows that we are taking firm and effective action to improve our Academy.  It clearly recognises that we have made progress and improved, and that we need to continue embedding the strategies we have put in place.  Some of the key findings in the report letter addressed to me are summarised as follows:

·         Senior leaders and the trust are taking effective action to tackle the areas requiring improvement identified at the last section 5 inspection

·         As headteacher, you provide effective leadership. You are determined to improve the quality of education to support pupils to achieve their best. You hold pupils’ interests at the heart of all you do.

·         At all levels, leadership is a strength of the school

·         The quality of teaching, learning and assessment has improved across the school, including in mathematics and science

·         Teachers have high expectations of what pupils can achieve and set challenging activities

·         In 2018, overall progress improved and was similar to the national average

·         Disadvantaged pupils’ outcomes have improved greatly. There is now very little difference in the progress made by disadvantaged pupils and that of other pupils.

·         The use of fixed-term exclusions has reduced significantly. The number of days of exclusions has halved since the previous inspection.

·         To complement the work to manage pupils’ behaviour, you have also placed great emphasis on celebrating and rewarding pupils’ successes

·         The trust has provided effective support in improving all aspects of the school

Whilst delighted with the findings we will not be resting on our laurels and will continue with the hard work that
is clearly having a positive impact as recognised in the report.

A Burton - Principal

Please see the full report attached below which I would encourage you to read.  It will also be available shortly on the Ofsted website.